A home of your own

A Home of your Own
Having a place of your own is now a realistic opportunity for many adults with learning disabilities either as tenants or even home owners. There are a number of organisations, like housing associations, which provide such accommodation which can also include input from care services to help with meals, shopping, budgeting, etc. These are fairly recent developments in housing options which can offer new and exciting opportunities for people with learning disabilities but there are also a number of potential pitfalls to bear in mind.
Living somewhere you can call your own is an aspiration that most people share and adults with learning disabilities should have similar opportunities. Being on your own can be extremely lonely, especially for someone who finds it difficult to mix socialise or relate to others.
Many people with learning disabilities who have are able to live in their own home have found the experience  to be extremely positive and liberating. Several reports have highlighted problems faced by people with learning disabilities who live on their own including verbal abuse and being taken advantage of by others.
Like so many choices, the needs and circumstances of the individual are the most important considerations and are different foe everyone. It is also helpful to be as informed as possible and realistic about the choices, carefully weighing up all the pros and cons. Here are some useful links.
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