The Care System

 Knowing the System

There's lots of things in the community for people with learning disabilities to enjoy which don't need any help from organisations like Social Services. This website will help you to find them. For some things, however, like getting finance for services or dealing with crisis situations, local authorities are there to help. In Northamptonshire, your first port of call is the County Council's
Adult Social Care Team. The link below takes you straight to them.


Health Needs. For someone with a learning disability as well as complex health needs, you can contact specialist health teams by following the link below



Call on the Ambassadors
If you find the idea of contacting these organisations a bit daunting, just get in touch with us here at the Caring and Sharing Trust and we will try to help. You might also like to meet one of our Ambassadors, to benefit from the experiences of someone who has "been there and done that."